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Two Habits of Wise Decision Makers

Decision Makers

There is a reason a teenager’s car insurance payment is double that of older drivers! We don’t come out of the womb as wise decision makers.  Let’s face it.  We are where we are in life because of the decisions we make. Some people have lives and careers full of regrets. Yet some people seem to […]

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Wanted: A Coach – Wimps Need Not Apply

I was a wimp for three years.  I was a coach for twelve more after that.  Add it up and I spent fifteen years in sales leadership at a Fortune 50 company.  Not surprisingly, my success as a leader came in those final twelve years.  I realized, with the help of the people I was […]

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Your Choices Make You or Break You

Each time we are faced with a choice, we are either moving closer to the person we want to be or further from it.   Who we are as a person is determined by the choices we make in life. Courage is a choice. Humility is a choice. Integrity is a choice. Selflessness is a choice. […]

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The Dearth of Moral Courage in Leadership

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” – Mark Twain King Solomon once stated, “there is nothing new under the sun.” It seems the lack of moral Courage among leaders was as common in Mark Twain’s day as it is in our day. This […]

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The People vs. The Velocity of Business

Velocity of Business

“The velocity of business today prevents me from spending time on developing my people.” , admitted the senior leader.  I was leading a table discussion among the senior leadership team of a multi-billion dollar company, and this leader was humble enough to admit the truth. He’s not alone. Almost everyone is being asked to do more […]

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General James Mattis on Ethical Standards

On August 4, 2017 General James Mattis, the United States’ Secretary of Defense sent the following memo to every member of the Department of Defense.  Ethical behavior from our military’s leaders is expected by the public and by the military itself. General Mattis makes it clear how each officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel should behave […]

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Leadership Development Improves The Bottom Line

We don’t lack smart people in business these days.  Smart people are everywhere.  We lack leaders. The latest studies are proving leadership equates to profits.  Developing good leaders does more to effect the bottom line of an organization than hiring yet another top graduate from a famous school.

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Compliant Teams Vs. Committed Teams

Playing within the rules is a given in business. But, the increased communication around compliance has a negative side effect. Compliance becomes a goal in and of itself. The implication is that if I have a compliant team, I am a successful leader. Not true.

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Teamwork: A Navy SEAL’s Definition

Who doesn’t love the Navy SEALs?  Answer:  The enemy’s of freedom.  But to the rest of us, these warriors are heroes.  They are the elite of the elite. They understand teamwork and define it with simplicity.

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Finding Elite Team Members

Everyone wants to be part of an Elite Team and leaders want to lead Elite Teams. Leaders can push a lot of buttons and pull a lot of levers in an effort to make their team elite. But, the truly elite teams start with the right kind of team members.

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