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Sometimes Leadership Sucks

Leadership Sucks

“This is one of those times when leadership sucks.” It was all I could really say to this young leader I was recently coaching. She knew what she had to do, and it was not going to be easy or comfortable. Hard decisions are part of being a leader. Whether we are a CEO, a […]

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Leaders Keep Commitments. Period.

“(Commitment is) doing what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you were in when you said you were going to do it has passed.” James Brown, Venture Capital Fund Founder We all make commitments to others. Sometimes we wish we hadn’t made those commitments. It happens to me all the […]

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Testing Your Character

There is really only one person on earth who truly knows your character – YOU. All of us have strengths and weaknesses in our character. But do we stop and really look at ourselves in the mirror? We have developed the My Mirror Character Assessment for just that purpose. You will get a snapshot of […]

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Leading in Your Twenties – I’m Not a Leader…YET!

I'm not a Leader - Yet

“But, I’m not a leader.” When someone makes that statement, I always add “YET!” There is a problem with that statement. The person making that statement assumes leadership is about a title. If you have said or thought this, it is time to stop and reassess your beliefs.

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Leading in Your Twenties – How to Exercise Positivity

Exercise Positivity

“Your attitude is a choice. Make a different choice!” My dad, The General, always had a way with words. No matter how big my pity party was, he could cut right through it with that statement. Telling me I could change my attitude was teaching me to exercise Positivity.

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Leading in Your Twenties – How to Exercise Duty

Exercise Duty

Reliable, Initiative, Proactive, Accountable, Low Maintenance, Easy to work with, a “Go to” person, a Leader. These are the words and phrases people will use to describe you if you make it a habit to exercise Duty. This is a teammate everyone wants. This is a friend everyone wants. This is your company’s next generation of […]

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Leading in Your Twenties – How to Exercise Selflessness

Exercise Selflessness

On our best days, most people will look in the mirror and realize they did something selfish that day. Selfishness is part of our human nature. Beyond that, selfishness becomes more and more ingrained in our character as the years go on.  Why? Because practice makes perfect!

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Leading in Your Twenties – How to Exercise Integrity

Exercise Integrity

The generation of leaders emerging now needs to be different. If you are in your twenties and are dissatisfied with the status quo, you can not inspire change unless you exercise Integrity. People will not follow you if you exercise situational Integrity.  Unfortunately, situational Integrity is too prevelant among our leaders today.

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Leading in Your Twenties – How to Exercise Humility

Exercise Humility

We all want to follow leaders who exercise Humility. Yet when you see leadership failures, so many of those failures are the result of a leader’s pride. The leader won’t listen to another person’s opinion. The leader refuses to admit they might be wrong. Or the leader is more interested in how they look to […]

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Leading in Your Twenties – How to Exercise Courage

When have you chickened out? We have all failed to exercise Courage at times of testing. Maybe you didn’t speak up. Maybe you told someone what they wanted to hear instead of what they needed to hear. Maybe you did nothing because you didn’t want to deal with the potential negative consequences.

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