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Leading in Your Twenties – How to Build Your Character

Build Your Character

“Leaders must have Integrity.”  “A leader’s Character is vitally important.” “Be a servant leader.”  Many books or training seminars will stress the importance of Character or some aspect of Character. Few people argue with the idea that Character is important in leadership.  The problem is, nobody seems to talk about how to actually build your […]

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Leading in Your Twenties – You’ve Been Given Bad Advice

Bad Advice

Twenty somethings, you’ve been given bad advice. “Get a marketable degree and good grades from a big university. Get advanced degrees and have a lot of letters following your name. Get certified in something and publish papers.” When you are in your twenties, people tell you these things.  That bad advice is well intentioned. But […]

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Leading in Your Twenties – Prepare Yourself – School Didn’t Do It

If you are in your twenties, I have news for you. You did not get what you needed in high school and college if you are planning to be a leader. On top of that, most companies will not invest in developing you as a leader until you are already in a leadership position.  What’s […]

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Leading in Your Twenties – Don’t Wait to Be Told to Lead

“How do I get promoted to leadership?” seemed to be the top question people in their twenties asked me during my years leading in the corporate world. My reply was always, “Start leading now!” The fact is, too many talented people in their twenties wait for someone to tell them to lead.

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Leading in Your Twenties – You’re Not Too Young To Lead

If you are Twenty-Something years old, the time to begin leading is NOW! Too many of us in the older generations sat back and waited. Many of us thought because of our lack of age or experience, our only job was to follow. That attitude has created a leadership void in businesses and in society […]

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When a Mistake is Not a Mistake

Mistake face

Cheating on your wife is more than a mistake. A mistake is when you knock over someone else’s drink – Oops! When a man calls cheating a mistake, he is insinuating he accidentally got naked, fell on top of that naked woman, in a hotel room, after buying her drinks, and turning off his phone […]

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Our Slippery Slope Toward Moral Failure

Moral Failure

Most leadership failures are failures of character. The leaders in law enforcement, academia, and business who are making headlines for their moral failures should make us all stop and pay attention to our own paths in life. 

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Fear and the Micromanager

“She’s a micromanager! Fifteen years and she is still looking over my shoulder checking up on me. She still doesn’t trust me!” Micromanaging? Some say this is a trust issue. That may be what it looks like from the outside. But, inside the micromanager the issue is often plain old-fashioned fear.

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Three Leadership Lessons From 24 Years of Marriage

Twenty four years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. I believed I understood leadership, and I understood marriage. Boy was I naive! I look back now and see how many leadership lessons marriage has taught me.

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Choosing Selflessness in a Tragedy

What makes some people run towards a tragedy to help and others run away? Las Vegas law enforcement and regular civilians both gave us heroic examples of Selflessness during and after the shooting at the Mandalay Bay Resort. What makes people do that? Will any of us follow their example if, God forbid, we find […]

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