Client Comments

What People I Have Worked With Say:

Brittany Podolak

Vice President Human Resources Dell Technologies

I highly recommend Dave Anderson for anyone who is looking to develop leaders. His character-based framework is simple and applicable for leaders of all ages and levels. Dave’s real-life experiences and insights are applicable not only in a professional setting, but in all aspects of life. Dave’s focus on humility and selflessness as key leadership traits were especially resonate with our developing leaders here at Dell. Check out Dave’s book Becoming a Leader of Character – 6 Habits that Make or Break a Leader at Work and at Home. In general, Dave has been outstanding to work with. He did a lot of upfront listening to understand our environment and what we were trying to solve for to design for maximum impact within our cultural context. Feedback from participants has been extraordinarily favorable. Mission Accomplished!

Bob Eisiminger

CEO at Knight Point Systems, LLC

Dave came out and conducted a workshop for my Emerging Leaders Program that focused on the 6 habits of Courage, Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity that are the focus of the book Becoming a Leader of Character written by Dave and his father; BG James Anderson. His facilitation skills were excellent; but what really struck me was how in a four hour period; Dave made you feel like the book was coming to life. Bravo on a fantastic workshop! Would recommend for any team that has developing leaders as a learning experience and any team that has seasoned leaders as a great refresher.

Thomas Chad Cargile

Regions Bank President East Texas

I highly recommend Dave Anderson’s leadership training program. I have sent many of our new leaders from The Bank through his leadership training program and His program has made a tangible difference in the performance and culture of our bank. Specifically, he has helped our emerging leaders understand how becoming a leader of character can positively impact their teams’ performance. Production, turnover and morale have all improved. Thank you Dave Anderson for your invaluable leadership insights for our leaders!