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I truly believe people follow us because of WHO WE ARE and not because of what we can do. Whether I am keynote speaking or leading seminars I am told over and over again, “No one is talking about this stuff, Dave.” If other experts do talk about character or integrity, they tell us we must have it, but they rarely explain how to develop character or integrity.

If you want:

  • A speaker who provides more than just a sugar high and actually pushes audiences to grow
  • A passionate Character Evangelist who challenges the leadership status quo
  • A real plan for growing Leaders of Character in your midst

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West Point Style Leadership

My Father, General Jim Anderson

My father, The Master of the Sword at West Point, taught me that leadership is a blend of competence and character. My school, West Point showed me continuous character education and reinforcement is the way to grow exceptional leaders of character from high potential people. My 20 plus years in a Fortune 50 company illustrated that focusing development on competence training alone is inadequate.


What Dave’s Clients are Saying

“I received more value in the first session than all of the seminars and workbooks from the last 20 years put together.”
– Telecom Company President

“I have been to many leadership classes. This is by far the most enjoyable learning experience I’ve been part of!”
– Company President

“Any company that wants to develop leaders in their organization needs to use (Dave Anderson) and his program.”
– C-Suite Executive

“Helped me to set goals, view my values and make me realize my character makes a difference in other’s lives.”
– Frontline Leader in Healthcare

Dave's Recent Blog Posts

We Need Warriors not Worriers!

Some people stress out and stay put. Others face their fears and move forward. Some people fear the unknown and hold others back. Other people embrace uncertainty and lead others through it. One person is a Worrier. The other person is a Warrior.

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Leaders Delivering Bad News

It was classic Sea Gull Leadership. The boss swoops in. Dumps on everyone. And swoops out. Nobody liked it when the “old man” showed up at their team meetings. When the boss came in the room, everyone knew they were going to walk out of the meeting with bad news, something to fix, and a […]

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The Difference Between An Excuse and A Reason

Making excuses is a favorite topic of mine when I speak to groups about leadership and character. I am often asked, “Aren’t there legitimate reasons for a failure? Shouldn’t that matter?” My reply: “Yes. It matters. As long as we know the difference between an excuse and a reason.”

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Leaders You Don’t Have to Like Your People

 Let’s face it. Some people are hard to like. Sometimes the best thing we can say about another person is “Thank God she’s not on my team, and I don’t have to work with her.”   Spending time with her is not easy. The way she behaves, the way she talks, her attitude – everything […]

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Two Common and Controllable Causes of Stress

Very few people gravitate TOWARDS someone who is a ball of stress. Most of us like to be around the person who seems to have things under control or at least has a positive perspective on life.  Yet many people walk around strung tighter than a piano wire.

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The Most Selfish Leadership Move

Leaders are not supposed to be selfish. But, in my job, I spend a lot of time trying to correct the most selfish leadership move a leader can make.  And it is not just the obviously self-centered leaders who make it!

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Staying Strong In A Crisis

Business crisis, family crisis, personal crisis – no matter who I am or how blessed a life I’ve led to this point, I will face a crisis sooner or later.   How I respond in a crisis says a lot about who I am as a person and a leader. Do I run from a challenge […]

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Be A Courage Giving Leader

Give Courage!  That is what it means to encourage someone.  Some leaders often misinterpret the whole notion of encouragement.  They believe that encouraging someone is a soft skill or skill that only bubbly personalities use.  But it’s not that simple.

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The Integrity Ripple Effect

Temptation hits me everyday.  I am tempted by a lot of things I wish I wasn’t:  French fries, Buffalo wings, the SI Swimsuit issue, naps, and sarcasm are just a few.  This is just a sub-set of a much larger list. But the most insidious temptation in my life is lying.  What I used to […]

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