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Should Loyalty Trump Integrity

When President Trump purportedly asked FBI Director Comey for his loyalty, a shiver went down my spine.  I wrote the following blog over 3 years ago. It’s amazing how the title and topic of this blog seem eerily prophetic. I also want to thank the President, the former Director and every politician in Washington for […]

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Leader Development – The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

Just because we hand somebody a new set of tools, it does not make him a carpenter. Many corporate initiatives in leader development do the same thing. They hand out good tools and wonder why the people aren’t becoming better leaders.

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Three Keys To Growing as a Leader

“I know what I am doing now.”  That is what I thought after a few years leading sales teams. I thought I had arrived.  But each time I allowed myself to think that, I was proven wrong. It took awhile, but I finally realized becoming a leader has no end point.

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The Difference Between An Excuse and A Reason

Making excuses is a favorite topic of mine when I speak to groups about leadership and character. I am often asked, “Aren’t there legitimate reasons for a failure? Shouldn’t that matter?” My reply: “Yes. It matters. As long as we know the difference between an excuse and a reason.”

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Staying Strong In A Crisis

Business crisis, family crisis, personal crisis – no matter who I am or how blessed a life I’ve led to this point, I will face a crisis sooner or later.   How I respond in a crisis says a lot about who I am as a person and a leader. Do I run from a challenge […]

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The Integrity Ripple Effect

Temptation hits me everyday.  I am tempted by a lot of things I wish I wasn’t:  French fries, Buffalo wings, the SI Swimsuit issue, naps, and sarcasm are just a few.  This is just a sub-set of a much larger list. But the most insidious temptation in my life is lying.  What I used to […]

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Character Development and Sports

There is no reason to have sports at a school if character is not being developed through athletic participation.   Sports provide the best labortory for teaching our kids about character.  But, just because our sons or daughters play a sport, does not mean they are learning the lessons of character sports can teach.

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Funny Everyday Integrity Fails

“Have you been flossing?” What was I going to say?  The truth was, “No.”  But, I was struggling admitting that. So I said, “Some.” We all face daily tests of our Integrity.  Each time we are tested we have a choice between choosing the harder right versus the easier wrong. So often we look at […]

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Eliminating the Blame Game

Problem finders are everywhere. It does not take a PhD, a MBA or even a GED to be a good problem finder. It takes no skill or advanced education to point fingers. Problem finders usually wallow at the lower levels in organizations and rarely make it past middle management. However, problem solvers are rare. Problem […]

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Exposing Your Weaknesses

I frequently see leaders who would rather eat a bug than admit to others they made a mistake or had a weakness. Exposing your own failures is not a sign of weakness. Hiding your failures is! There is not a single person we lead who believes we are perfect.  In fact, when we own up to […]

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