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A Mentor Attitude

Looking back, the eye rolling was inevitable.  Everyone on the leadership team knew the idea was unlikely to work. Our boss had sparked the doubts. “We need to initiate a mentoring program.  The Human Resources department can work on developing a program we can roll out in the fourth quarter.” We were all thinking one […]

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Wanted: A Coach – Wimps Need Not Apply

I was a wimp for three years.  I was a coach for twelve more after that.  Add it up and I spent fifteen years in sales leadership at a Fortune 50 company.  Not surprisingly, my success as a leader came in those final twelve years.  I realized, with the help of the people I was […]

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The People vs. The Velocity of Business

Velocity of Business

“The velocity of business today prevents me from spending time on developing my people.” , admitted the senior leader.  I was leading a table discussion among the senior leadership team of a multi-billion dollar company, and this leader was humble enough to admit the truth. He’s not alone. Almost everyone is being asked to do more […]

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Finding Elite Team Members

Everyone wants to be part of an Elite Team and leaders want to lead Elite Teams. Leaders can push a lot of buttons and pull a lot of levers in an effort to make their team elite. But, the truly elite teams start with the right kind of team members.

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The Three Criteria Before You Fire Them

“I will do everything I can to help you be as successful as you want to be…right up to the point I realize I am working harder at it than your are.” I believe everyone I work with deserves my best. But at times, my desire to help them goes way beyond their desire to […]

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Leaders – Who Sets The Standards?

My boss had some pretty high standards.  In fact, he often bragged that his standards were higher than those of his peers. When I came onto the team, I liked his approach.  I truly believed that a leader who set high standards got more out of people and had better teams.  I was wrong, and […]

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Leaders You Don’t Have to Like Your People

 Let’s face it. Some people are hard to like. Sometimes the best thing we can say about another person is “Thank God she’s not on my team, and I don’t have to work with her.”   Spending time with her is not easy. The way she behaves, the way she talks, her attitude – everything […]

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The Most Selfish Leadership Move

Leaders are not supposed to be selfish. But, in my job, I spend a lot of time trying to correct the most selfish leadership move a leader can make.  And it is not just the obviously self-centered leaders who make it!

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Be A Courage Giving Leader

Give Courage!  That is what it means to encourage someone.  Some leaders often misinterpret the whole notion of encouragement.  They believe that encouraging someone is a soft skill or skill that only bubbly personalities use.  But it’s not that simple.

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Character Development and Sports

There is no reason to have sports at a school if character is not being developed through athletic participation.   Sports provide the best labortory for teaching our kids about character.  But, just because our sons or daughters play a sport, does not mean they are learning the lessons of character sports can teach.

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