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The People vs. The Velocity of Business

Velocity of Business

“The velocity of business today prevents me from spending time on developing my people.” , admitted the senior leader.  I was leading a table discussion among the senior leadership team of a multi-billion dollar company, and this leader was humble enough to admit the truth. He’s not alone. Almost everyone is being asked to do more […]

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Leadership Development Improves The Bottom Line

We don’t lack smart people in business these days.  Smart people are everywhere.  We lack leaders. The latest studies are proving leadership equates to profits.  Developing good leaders does more to effect the bottom line of an organization than hiring yet another top graduate from a famous school.

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Leader Development – The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

Just because we hand somebody a new set of tools, it does not make him a carpenter. Many corporate initiatives in leader development do the same thing. They hand out good tools and wonder why the people aren’t becoming better leaders.

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Three Keys To Growing as a Leader

“I know what I am doing now.”  That is what I thought after a few years leading sales teams. I thought I had arrived.  But each time I allowed myself to think that, I was proven wrong. It took awhile, but I finally realized becoming a leader has no end point.

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The Five Best Times To Coach Your People

If we are not developing our people, we should stop calling ourselves leaders! I don’t know why leaders ignore the coaching part of their jobs. But I work with so many organizations and hear the same story again and again. “I never hear from my boss unless something is wrong.” “I get feedback once a […]

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Three Decisions That Destroy Comfort Zones and Mediocrity

“If you want to accomplish something you have never accomplished before you must start doing things you have never done before.” Those words hit me hard a few years ago. The truth is: Your Comfort Zone is Also Your Mediocrity Zone If you want to be average – if you want to be the same […]

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The Confident Leader Vs. The Arrogant Leader

Martin’s reputation for arrogance preceded him. He was assigned to our leadership team whether we wanted him to be there or not. I decided to ignore his reputation and form my own opinions about Martin. I never tried harder to like someone in my entire life.   Unfortunately, the rumors about Martin were accurate. Confidence is […]

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Confident Leaders Invite Arguments

“Argue with me.” He said it, AND he meant it. As I watched this leader invite his team to tear down his idea, I was astonished, inspired and humbled. Astonished: Because I had never seen a leader so readily open to criticism from the people he led. Inspired: Because I watched his team argue passionately […]

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Your Team Needs Everyone to Be a Leader – Interview #2 with Navy SEAL Jeff Boss and Dave Anderson host of IMPACT Talk Radio

Dave Anderson interviews author and Navy SEAL Jeff Boss Show #2 – Topic: Why Everyone On Your Team Needs to Be a Leader (30 minutes) Jeff Boss owns www.adaptabilitycoach.com. He is a decorated combat veteran (4 Bronze Stars for Valor and 2 Purple Hearts). He coaches leaders, companies and writes for INC and Entrepreneur. All […]

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Why Do People Follow?- The Survey Results

Now it is official! The survey results are in. Why do you follow a leader?  What makes a leader great?  630 responses to two questions we posted across multiple social media forums and other venues gave us the answer. Before I tell you the answer.  I am going to tell you what it is not. […]

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